Geoportti learning modules are free for use learning materials following self-learning principles. The modules are a selection of different topics that are created and shared by Geoportti users. The aim is to increase the accessibility to high quality geospatial education materials that are beneficial to users at different levels from students to experts.

Each Geoportti learning module consists of a description of the module and practical exercises. There is no predefined format but open principles in software and data selection are recommended. The modules can also include reading materials, questions and lecture slides and/or videos. 

The modules are aimed for students and professional that wish to improve their expertise in geospatial topics. Teachers can use them as complementary modules in their courses and students are encouraged to use the modules for self-learning. If a student wishes to gain credits from completing a module, they are advised to discuss with the study counselor of their department beforehand to find a suitable solution.

Instructions on how to share your learning materials in Geoportti can at the moment be obtained by contacting us

The format for the Geoportti self-learning modules is currently being developed by University of Turku in collaboration with Fiuginet partner universities. See the Urban climatology module as an example and join in the discussion by contacting us.

Example module

The example module of the Geoportti self-learning modules deals with analysis of spatial temperature differences in an urban-rural context. Read More

Interested in the Geoportti learning modules? Contact us below.

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