Self assessments help you to get a quick overview about your current performance levels in selected geospatial abilities. Geoportti provides a tool which makes self-assessments are straightforward and simple to create and make in just a few minutes. 

A self assessment is done by completing three simple steps:

First, you can answer to some background questions. These data with your scorings will be stored anonymously for research purposes and for providing statistics about other people’s scorings. If you do not want you answers to be stored you can still do the assessment without storing your results.

Second, you will score on your skills against eight different themes about the chosen topic by selecting the option that best describes your current skills levels. You may also use the box for comments.

Third, push the button submit your answers to see your results. The results page presents your scores and comments and if desired the average scores from other respondents. The results can be downloaded as .pdf file.

Users of Geoportti can also add their own self-assessments in to the service. The addition of new material to the service is done by Geoportti administrators. If you have any questions please contact Vesa Arki (vesa.arki(at)

Follow the link to see a test version the of the self-assessment tool. Note that the tool is constantly updated. Come back later if the tool is being updated and is not accessible.

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