DL2021, CSC computing environement renewal project

To ensure the competitiveness of Finnish research, the Ministry of Education and Culture is carrying out the Data and Computing 2021 development programme (DL2021) during 2017-2021. CSC will roll out a new computing environment that consists of the next-generation supercomputer and data management systems. Researchers, students and teachers in Finnish higher educational institutions and research institutes will be able to use the environment for free.

The new environment will be deployed in two phases and the first phase will be completed in summer of 2019, when new supercluster Puhti will be open for the users. Puhti will be similar to current Taito, with more computing power and memory. Taito GIS software stack will be installed also to Puhti. Allas object storage will be a new service, meant for data storage for active projects. Allas is accessible from all CSC computing environments or users local machines, additionally files in Allas can be opened to the Internet, so that anybody could access them. cPouta cloud service will continue without bigger changes.

More information: https://research.csc.fi/dl2021-utilization