Month: February 2020

  • Symposium: CoastGIS 2020 – Sustainable Coastal Planning in a Changing World (17-19 September)

    The CoastGIS 2020 Coastal GIS Symposium in Raseborg will be the 14th international exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience on how spatial data and information technologies aid marine and coastal zone managers and stakeholders in better understanding and managing coastal space and resources. The theme “Sustainable Coastal Planning in a Changing World” refers to the…

  • Course: Practical machine learning for spatial data (30.3-1.4.2020, at CSC)

    The course, organized by CSC, gives a practical introduction to machine learning for spatial data, both to shallow learning and deep learning models, especially convolutional neural networks (CNN). The course consists of lectures and hands-on exercises, on both local computers and on Puhti-AI supercomputer. For more info, see