Geoportti supports the geospatial research community by facilitating the sharing and comparing of research challenges and processes. The methodological storylines creates an opportunity to share methodological nuances in more detail than traditional peer-reviewed research papers.

After publishing a research work with geospatial prominence, the author(s) are asked to describe their methodological storyline in an informative manner. These descriptions can help other researchers working with related challenges. When available, sharing of analysis codes through Geoportti can further benefit future research.

Please see the methodological storylines instructions and template and answer the question, when appropriate, using the style you consider would be interesting to read by other Geoportti scientists. 

Methodological storylines

The storyline highlights how challenges related to using Landsat data over tropical rainforests were overcome to combine Landsat images over the Amazonia.

This storyline highlights the practicalities of conducting a participatory mapping campaign in the rural context of the Global South. It tells the details of organizing the mapping campaign and treating the collected information with respect to the data producers, i.e. the local communities.

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