This page contains national and international online learning resourcesFor additional software specific information see the geospatial software page.

Geoportti encourages the geospatial research and education community to share their materials through existing national services for online educational resources. See the instructions (coming soon!) to learn more on how to share your own online learning materials using national educational resource servicesIf you are a teacher at a Finnish higher education institution and wish to share your geospatial learning materials and collaborate with other teachers, see the Teacher material repository subsection.

Have you already created a learning resource that you wish to share or is there something missing from the list? Let us now here.

The example modules and ways of sharing online learning are currently being developed by University of Turku in collaboration with Fiuginet partner universities. Join in the discussion by contacting us.

Online educational resource services

Digicampus is the joint learning platform for Finnish higher education institutions. Read More

The Open Education Resources Services ( is online service that compiles open education resources in to a single view. Read More

Online Learning Resources

The IT Center for Science (CSC) organizes geocomputing, data management and geospatial methods and software training for universities, research institutes and government organizations. Read More

The IT Center for Science (CSC) shares geospatial and coding training materials on their github page. Read More

The ARSET is program of the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) that provides training on the use of NASA Earth Science data. Read More

Esri training provides learning materials and courses for learning GIS and to use the ArcGIS platform. Read More

The EarthData webpage provides webinars and video tutorials that focus mostly on the NASA Earth Science data, tools and services.

The Automatic GIS processes –course of university of Helsinki focuses on using Python programming language to do GIS analysis. Read More

Geo for All is the Open Source Geospatial Foundation’s (OSGEO) mission with the goal of making geospatial education and opportunities accessible to all. Read More

Geosolutions provide comprehensive training materials for learning how to use Geoserver. Read More

The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team (HOT) offers training material for people who wish to volunteer as a part of the HOT team.

The resources page of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) provides instruction on how to use open source projects and tools for geospatial tasks.

The OpenGeoHub is a not-for-profit research foundation that among other things provides training material for programming and geospatial analysis.

Paikkaoppi is a free of charge online learning environment for teaching geospatial skills in basic education in Finland.

The QGIS documentation page contains a user guide, training manual for QGIS and a gentle introduction to GIS. Read More

R studio provides tutorials, articles and examples that help to learn R and its extensions. Read More

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