The teachers material repository is a place for sharing teaching materials and best practices between higher education institutions in Finland. The access is restricted to teachers working in these institutions. Although departments and universities have their own fields of specialty, synergy benefits can be achieved by avoiding overlapping work and sharing best practices in the planning and preparation of materials.

The sharing of the materials is made as easy as possible. Each participating actor selects which materials they wish to share in the format that they wish to share it in. No predefined structure for the materials is required.

The materials are shared according to predefined licensing rules that allow the other actors to copy and modify them for their own use. When material from an another actor is used in the development or updating of a education material the creator of the original material is to be acknowledge accordingly. 

The repository requires a login to access. If you wish to gain access and share your organizations education materials or know more about the collaboration please contact the Geoportti team.