CSC has several computing resources that are available for universities and research institutes. For the geospatial community the most relevant ones are the supercomputer Puhti and the cloud computing environment. Longer introduction of using these computing resources for GIS can be found from CSC pages.

Computing resources

Puhti is a supercomputer with thousands of cores. It is intended for analyzing data, when a lot of computing power or data storage is needed. Read More

cPouta is a cloud computing environment, where users can create virtual machines and set them up according to specific needs. Read More

Rahti is container cloud, where users can deploy different web services with containeres. Read More

Allas is object storage for storing and sharing files. Read More


Short instructions on how to use Taito.

Short instructions on how to use cPouta.

A lot of examples for using Puhti, cPouta or Notebooks service for GIS purposes. Puhti examples include both R/Python and the batch job script, also for parallel analysis.

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