High-speed geocomputing resources in CSC

Large-scale parallel computation which requires exceptionally powerful supercomputing resources, from several hundreds to up to thousands of cores. Collection of pre-installed applications and development tools which support massive parallelism.

CSC offers a wide range of very high level computing services for any field of research. A typical GIS-user uses some desktop software for daily work.

Sisu Supercomputer

Sisu ( supercomputer is the most powerful supercomputer in Finland and one of the most powerful in Northern Europe. Sisu’s Cray XC40 system architecture is designed from the ground up for High Performance Computing (HPC).

Sisu targeted for massively parallel applications that can effectively run on hundreds to thousands of compute cores in parallel. Obtaining this level of scaling with even very tightly-coupled parallel computations is made possible by the extremely high-bandwidth, low-latency Aries interconnect

Taito Supercluster

Taito is CSC’s supercluser and could be the first option to consider for GIS-users. To Taito it is possible to install most of the software available for Linux. A lot of software is installed to Taito by CSC. Taito’s GIS software includes at the moment: QGIS, GDAL/OGR, Proj.4, SagaGIS and R, including several spatial packages.

Taito is a Linux machine, so software available only for Windows can not be installed there or server kind of software, which means that ArcGIS, Erdas, PostGIS or GeoServer can not be added there. It is also possible to install yourself software to CSC environment for personal use. If you need a software that could be useful also for others, please send an e-mail to CSC servicedesk asking installation of that software.

Pouta Cloud Services

Cloud computing platforms cPouta and ePouta offer high performance computing with superior flexibility and user experience. Virtual computing environments can be dynamically configured by end-users. Easy self-service set up using a Web UI or a command-line interface.

cPouta is a Infrastrucutre-as-a-service kind of service, so there the user has to do all setup work (software installation, network configuration etc), so for smaller works it is not suitable. On the other side this gives the user a lot more freedem. In cPouta also Windows installations are possible in printciple. To cPouta any GIS software can be installed, most attracting it is for software not suitable for Taito, for example ArcGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer. In cPouta a wide range of virtual machine flavours is available, some of these are speciallly designed for HPC-computing or fast IO.