Computing and Software

A state-of-the art computing environment, cloud services, an extensive selection of scientific software as well as access to international computing resources

Supercomputer Sisu

Large-scale parallel computation which requires exceptionally powerful supercomputing resources, from several hundreds to up to thousands of cores. Collection of pre-installed applications and development tools which support massive parallelism.

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Supercluster Taito

General-purpose technical and scientific computing, from single core serial jobs to parallel jobs of several hundred cores. Large collection of pre-installed applications and development tools. Special large-memory nodes for tasks requiring a large memory footprint. Specialized compute nodes with NVidia Tesla GPGPU compute accelerators.

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Pouta Cloud Services

Cloud computing platforms cPouta and ePouta offer high performance computing with superior flexibility and user experience. Virtual computing environments can be dynamically configured by end-users. Easy self-service set up using a Web UI or a command-line interface.

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Software and Databases

Finland's largest collection of scientific sofware and databases: Pre-installed software on CSC's computers, lisence keys, software consortia, service packages for specific scientific fields, and open source software developed by CSC.

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Additional Resources

Need more storage or computing resources? CSC Grand Challenge calls provide resources exceeding standard allocations. Research projects with extremely large-scale computing and/or storage demands can apply for resources on the most powerful supercomputers in Europe through the PRACE research infrastructure.

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Customized Computing Solutions

CSC is the only supercomputer center in Finland and a center of expertise in computational research. We can also implement dedicated computing systems for individual customers or customer groups.

Machine learning and data-intensive computing

Data driven research can benefit greatly from top-notch environment. Large datasets can be analysed with Apache Hadoop and Spark frameworks. Machine learning tasks can be run in the computing environment, including the supported TensorFlow framework.

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Grid Computing

Grid computing enables applying the resources of many computers or computing clusters in a network to a single problem at the same time. The grid combines various computing resources, data banks, and measuring devices that comprise a pool of resources for coordinated, integrated and flexible shared use.

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High-performance network connections ►

Funet Light Paths are high-performance data communications connections implemented separately from the Funet IP network (the Internet). Users can benefit from the full data transfer capacity of these connections, which are extremely secure due to their physical isolation from other network connections.