The 2017 multisource forest maps and municipality level statistics have been released by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke)

The multisource national forest inventory (MS-NFI) forest resource maps and the municipality level forest resource statistics describing the state of forests in 2017 (MS-NFI-OA-2017) are ready for use. The forest resource maps can be viewed at Paikkatietoikkuna and downloaded in full resolution from the Luke download service. The forest resource maps (2013, 2015 and 2017 versions) are also available for use in the CSC Taito system as georeferenced files, and they will be available also in the Puhti system. The municipality statistics can be downloaded from the Luke website. The pixel size in the maps is 16 by 16 meters. The map set consist of 44 different themes. These include quantitative forest variables, e.g., mean volume of growing stock and mean volumes by tree species groups and timber assortments, and categorical variables, e.g., land class and site fertility class.

This image shows MS-NFI-OA-2017 estimates of the mean volumes of pine (green), birch (red) and spruce (blue) over a small area. Other land classes than forestry land are shown in grey.

The multisource forest inventory was started at Metla in late 1980s and the first results became available in early 1990s. The driving force for the development was to compute usable forest resource estimates for smaller areas than was possible with field data only, e.g., municipalities. The methods used for this also produced raster maps of several forest variables. The newest result are the ninth results covering whole Finland and the fifth results freely available.

More information about MS-NFI can be found from the Luke website