Geoinformatics Research Days 4.-5.5.2021, online

The Finnish University Network for Geoinformatics (FIUGINET) organizes the annual Geoinformatics Research Days on May 4th and 5th 2021 as an online conference. The two-day event is divided into half-day afternoon meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday. This year the conference is dedicated to scientific oral presentations by invited researchers, on their topical research utilizing GIS and geospatial data. You are warmly welcome to participate on both days!

The conference is free of charge.

See the daily program at the end of the page. Presentations and a recording of the conference can be found from the program after the conference.


Tuesday 4.5.2021 at 12:00–15:00

Wednesday 5.5.2021 at 13:00–15:50


Zoom, hosted by the University of Helsinki. The meeting link will be sent to registered participants.

Note that the conference will be recorded and by participating you give consent to this.

Registration by 30.4.2021:

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FIUGINET chairperson Eliisa Lotsari, University of Eastern Finland, eliisa.lotsari (at)


Tuesday 4.5.2021 at 12:00–15:00

12:00–12:10 Welcome words (Eliisa Lotsari, University of Eastern Finland) (recording)

Session 1: Human geography and health 12:10–13:10

12:10–12:30 Tiina Lankila, University of Oulu: Using spatial data of residential history to study the health in Northern Finland Birth Cohort (recording, slides)

12:30–12:50 Teppo Repo, University of Eastern Finland: Spatial patterns of coronary heart disease incidences in North Karelia – what factors are associated with risk clusters. (recording, slides)

12:50–13:10 Timo Rantanen, University of Turku: Mapping the history of the Uralic language area

Short break

Session 2: Land use research 13:30–15:00

13:30–13:50 Jere Kaivosoja, Natural Resources Institute Finland LuKe: Future smart farming and spatial data (recording, slides)

13:50–14:10 Vilna Tyystjärvi, Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI: Soil moisture modelling in mountain tundra (recording, slides)

14:10–14:30 Juho Jakkila, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE: Soil and land use data in Watershed Simulation and Forecasting system (WSFS) (recording, slides)

14:30–14:50 Niina Käyhkö (University of Turku & Fiuginet board) and Juha Oksanen (FGI, NLS): Geoportti – Finnish Geospatial Research and Education Hub (recording, slides)

14:50–15:00 Closure of the day (recording)

Wednesday 5.5.2021 at 13:00–15:50

13:00–13:10 Welcome words (recording)

Session 3: Ecological research 13:10–14:10

13:10–13:30 Eduardo Maeda, University of Helsinki: Assessing tropical forests degradation and complexity using terrestrial laser scanning (recording)

13:30–13:50 Anssi Parkkinen, University of Jyväskylä: Prediction of Goshawk nesting sites in Central Finland with MaxEnt modeling and RandomForest classifier (recording, slides)

13:50–14:10 Katriina Nousiainen, University of Vaasa: A new Urban Metabolism approach: Combining satellite data and urban metabolism assessment for promoting sustainable urban development (recording, slides)

Short break

Session 4: Technical and educational development 14:30–15:50

14:30–14:50 Pyry Kettunen, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI, NLS): Construction and study of use of the collaborative GIS “Baltic Explorer” for Maritime Spatial Planning (recording, slides)

14:50–15:10 Jussi Nikander, Aalto University: Geoinformatics, software development, and domain knowledge: industry expectations (recording, slides)

15:10–15:30 Simona Lohan, Tampere University: Satellite-based research at TUNI’s ITC unit (recording, slides)

15:30-15:40 Harri Kaartinen (NLS): Hydro-RDI-Network presents (recording, slides)

15:40–15:50 Closure of the day (recording)